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SOFIA_BEGIN_DECLS SOFIAPUBFUN char const* su_strerror ( int  errcode  ) 

Return string describing su error code.

su_errno.c errno compatibility

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Original: Thu Mar 18 19:40:51 1999 pessi

Split to su_errno.c: Thu Dec 22 18:37:02 EET 2005 pessi

Definition at line 155 of file su_errno.c.

References su_strerror().

Referenced by assign_socket(), forwarder_connected(), forwarder_empty(), forwarder_recv(), nta_agent_add_tport(), sres_resolver_receive(), stun_obtain_shared_secret(), su_perror2(), su_strerror(), tport_base_connect(), tport_error_report(), tport_recv_event(), tport_recv_iovec(), and tport_recv_stream().

  return strerror(errcode);

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