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SOFIAPUBFUN void su_timer_destroy ( su_timer_t t  ) 

Destroy a timer.

Deinitialize and free an instance of su_timer_t.

t pointer to the timer object

Definition at line 267 of file su_timer.c.

References su_free(), su_task_deinit(), su_task_timers(), and su_timer_destroy().

Referenced by nea_destroy(), nea_end(), nea_server_destroy(), nta_agent_destroy(), stun_keepalive_destroy(), stun_keepalive_timer_cb(), su_timer_destroy(), and tport_destroy().

  if (t) {
    su_timer_t **timers = su_task_timers(t->sut_task);
    if (timers)
      su_timer_reset0(timers, t);
    su_free(NULL, t);

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