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SOFIAPUBFUN int sres_resolver_destroy ( sres_resolver_t res  ) 

Destroy a resolver object.

Definition at line 154 of file sresolv.c.

References sres_resolver_destroy(), sres_resolver_get_async(), sres_resolver_unref(), and su_seterrno().

Referenced by nta_agent_destroy(), sres_resolver_create(), sres_resolver_destroy(), and stun_dns_lookup_destroy().

  sres_sofia_t *srs;

  if (res == NULL)
    return su_seterrno(EFAULT);

  srs = sres_resolver_get_async(res, sres_sofia_update);
  if (srs == NULL)
    return su_seterrno(EINVAL);

  /* Remove sockets from too, zap timers. */
  sres_sofia_update(srs, INVALID_SOCKET, INVALID_SOCKET); 


  return 0;

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