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SRESPUBFUN sres_resolver_t* sres_resolver_new ( char const *  conf_file_path  ) 

New resolver object.

Create a resolver.

Allocate and initialize a new sres resolver object. The resolver object contains the parsed resolv.conf file, a cache object containing past answers from DNS, and a list of active queries. The default resolv.conf file can be overriden by giving the name of the configuration file as conf_file_path.

conf_file_path name of the resolv.conf configuration file
A pointer to a newly created sres resolver object, or NULL upon an error.

Definition at line 594 of file sres.c.

References sres_resolver_new().

Referenced by sres_resolver_new().

  return sres_resolver_new_internal(NULL, NULL, conf_file_path, NULL);

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