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tport_vtable Struct Reference

#include <tport_internal.h>

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Detailed Description

Virtual funtion table for transports

Definition at line 311 of file tport_internal.h.

Public Attributes

tport_t *(* vtp_connect )(tport_primary_t *pri, su_addrinfo_t *ai, tp_name_t const *tpn)
void(* vtp_deinit_primary )(tport_primary_t *pri)
void(* vtp_deinit_secondary )(tport_t *)
void(* vtp_deliver )(tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, su_time_t now)
int(* vtp_init_primary )(tport_primary_t *pri, tp_name_t tpn[1], su_addrinfo_t *ai, tagi_t const *, char const **return_culprit)
int(* vtp_init_secondary )(tport_t *, int socket, int accepted, char const **return_reason)
int(* vtp_keepalive )(tport_t *self, su_addrinfo_t const *ai, tagi_t const *taglist)
char const * vtp_name
int(* vtp_prepare )(tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, tp_name_t const *tpn, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, unsigned mtu)
size_t vtp_pri_size
enum tport_via vtp_public
int(* vtp_recv )(tport_t *self)
size_t vtp_secondary_size
ssize_t(* vtp_send )(tport_t const *self, msg_t *msg, msg_iovec_t iov[], size_t iovused)
int(* vtp_set_events )(tport_t const *self)
void(* vtp_shutdown )(tport_t *, int how)
int(* vtp_stun_response )(tport_t const *self, void *msg, size_t msglen, void *addr, socklen_t addrlen)
int(* vtp_wakeup )(tport_t *self, int events)
int(* vtp_wakeup_pri )(tport_primary_t *pri, int events)

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