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SOFIAPUBFUN char const* url_port ( url_t const *  u  ) 

Return the URL port string, using default port if not present.

Return the URL port string

Definition at line 1831 of file url.c.

References url_t::url_host, url_t::url_port, url_port(), url_port_default(), url_sip, url_sips, and url_t::url_type.

Referenced by nta_agent_add_tport(), server_create(), tport_name_by_url(), and url_port().

  if (!u)
    return "";
  else if (u->url_port && u->url_port[0])
    return u->url_port;

  if (u->url_type == url_sips || u->url_type == url_sip)
    if (!host_is_ip_address(u->url_host))
      return "";

  return url_port_default(u->url_type);

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