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SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_aor_strip ( url_t url  ) 

Remove extra parameters from an AOR URL.

The extra parameters listed in the table 1 include port number, method, maddr, ttl, transport, lr and headers.

The funtion modifies the url and the strings attached to it.
Return values:
0 when successful
-1 upon an error

Definition at line 775 of file sip_util.c.

References url_t::url_headers, url_t::url_params, url_t::url_port, url_strip_param_string(), and url_strip_transport().

  if (url == NULL)
    return -1;

  url->url_port = NULL;
  url->url_headers = NULL;

  if (url->url_params)
  if (url->url_params)
    url->url_params = 
      url_strip_param_string((char *)url->url_params, "lr");

  return 0;

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