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auth_status_t Struct Reference

#include <auth_module.h>

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Detailed Description

Authentication operation result.

The auth_status_t structure is used to store the status of the authentication operation and all the related data. The application verifying the authentication fills the auth_status_t structure, then calls auth_mod_method() (or auth_mod_challenge()). The operation result is stored in the structure.

If the operation is asynchronous, only a preliminary result is stored in the auth_status_t structure when the call to auth_mod_method() returns. In that case, the application must assign a callback function to the structure. The callback function is invoked when the authentication operation is completed.

It is recommended that the auth_status_t structure is allocated with auth_status_new() or initialized with auth_status_init() or auth_status_init_with() functions.

Definition at line 96 of file auth_module.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned __pad0__:0
unsigned as_allow:1
unsigned as_anonymous:1
unsigned as_blacklist
void const * as_body
isize_t as_bodylen
char const * as_display
char const * as_domain
su_home_t as_home [1]
char const * as_ident
auth_magic_t * as_magic
char const * as_method
unsigned as_nextnonce:1
msg_time_t as_nonce_issued
char const * as_pdomain
char const * as_phrase
unsigned as_profile
char const * as_realm
unsigned as_stale:1
int as_status
char const * as_uri
char const * as_user
url_t const * as_user_uri

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

auth_status_tauth_status_init (void *p, isize_t size)
auth_status_tauth_status_init_with (void *p, isize_t size, int status, char const *phrase)
auth_status_tauth_status_new (su_home_t *home)
auth_status_tauth_status_ref (auth_status_t *as)
void auth_status_unref (auth_status_t *as)

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