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SU_DLL void* su_alloc ( su_home_t home,
isize_t  size 

Allocate a memory block.

Allocates a memory block of a given size.

If home is NULL, this function behaves exactly like malloc().

home pointer to home object
size size of the memory block to be allocated
This function returns a pointer to the allocated memory block or NULL if an error occurred.

Definition at line 756 of file su_alloc.c.

References su_alloc().

Referenced by auth_mod_addpass(), msg_any_list_d(), msg_as_string(), msg_avlist_d(), msg_buf_exact(), msg_buf_external(), msg_header_alloc(), msg_header_join_items(), msg_params_join(), msg_unquote_dup(), nea_view_queue(), nta_leg_tcreate(), nta_outgoing_tagged(), sdp_media_dup(), sdp_media_dup_all(), sdp_print(), sip_header_as_string(), sip_url_query_as_taglist(), sres_cache_alloc_record(), su_alloc(), su_strcat(), su_strcat_all(), su_strdup(), su_strlst_dup_append(), su_strlst_get_array(), su_strlst_join(), su_strndup(), su_vector_get_array(), su_vsprintf(), tl_adup(), tl_afilter(), tport_name_by_url(), tport_name_dup(), url_as_string(), url_hdup(), and url_param_add().

  void *data;

  if (home) {
    data = sub_alloc(home, MEMLOCK(home), size, 0);
    data = malloc(size);

  return data;

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