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heap.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Defined when <sofia-sip/heap.h> has been included.

Heap template implemented with dynamic array.

This file contain template macros implementing heap in C. The heap keeps its element in a known order and it can be used to implement, for example, a prioritye queue or an ordered queue.

The ordering within the heap is defined as follows:

Adding and removing elements to the heap is an O(logN) operation.

The heap array is resizeable, and it usually contain pointers to the actual entries. The template macros define two functions used to add and remove entries to the heap. The add() function takes the element to be added as its argument, the remove() function the index of the element to be removed. The template defines also a predicate used to check if the heap is full, and a function used to resize the heap.

The heap user must define four primitives:

Please note that in order to remove an entry in the heap, the application must know its index in the heap array.

The heap struct is declared with macro HEAP_DECLARE(). The prototypes for heap functions are instantiated with macro HEAP_PROTOS(). The implementation is instantiated with macro HEAP_BODIES().

Example code can be found from <su/torture_heap.c> and <sresolv/sres_cache.c>.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>. .

Definition in file heap.h.

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#define HEAP_BODIES(scope, heaptype, prefix, type, less, set, alloc, null)
#define HEAP_DECLARE(scope, heaptype, prefix, type)
#define HEAP_MIN_SIZE   31
#define HEAP_TYPE   struct { void *private; }

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