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http_header.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Defined when <sofia-sip/http_header.h> has been included.

HTTP library prototypes.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Tue Jun 13 02:58:26 2000 ppessi

Definition in file http_header.h.

#include <sofia-sip/su_alloc.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_tag.h>
#include <sofia-sip/http.h>
#include <sofia-sip/msg_header.h>
#include <sofia-sip/http_protos.h>

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#define HTTP_HEADER_INIT(h, http_class, size)
#define HTTP_METHOD_NAME(method, name)   ((method) == http_method_unknown ? (name) : http_method_name(method, name))
#define HTTP_VERSION_CURRENT   http_version_1_1


SOFIAPUBFUN int http_add_dup (msg_t *, http_t *, http_header_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_add_format (msg_t *msg, http_t *http, msg_hclass_t *hc, char const *fmt,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_add_make (msg_t *msg, http_t *http, msg_hclass_t *hc, char const *s)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_add_tl (msg_t *msg, http_t *http, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_complete_response (msg_t *msg, int status, char const *phrase, http_t const *request)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_content_length_thttp_content_length_create (su_home_t *home, uint32_t n)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_date_thttp_date_create (su_home_t *home, http_time_t t)
 Create an Date header object.
SOFIAPUBFUN msg_mclass_t const * http_default_mclass (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_expires_thttp_expires_create (su_home_t *home, http_time_t delta)
SOFIAPUBFUN void * http_header_data (http_header_t *h)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_header_thttp_header_format (su_home_t *home, msg_hclass_t *, char const *fmt,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_header_insert (msg_t *msg, http_t *http, http_header_t *h)
SOFIAPUBFUN char const * http_header_name (http_header_t const *h, int compact)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_header_remove (msg_t *msg, http_t *http, http_header_t *h)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_host_thttp_host_create (su_home_t *home, char const *host, char const *port)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_message_complete (msg_t *msg, http_t *http)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_method_t http_method_code (char const *name)
SOFIAPUBFUN char const * http_method_name (http_method_t method, char const *name)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_thttp_object (msg_t *msg)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_payload_thttp_payload_create (su_home_t *home, void const *data, usize_t len)
SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t http_query_parse (char *query,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_request_complete (msg_t *msg)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_request_thttp_request_create (su_home_t *home, http_method_t method, const char *name, url_string_t const *url, char const *version)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_separator_thttp_separator_create (su_home_t *home)
SOFIAPUBFUN http_status_thttp_status_create (su_home_t *home, unsigned status, char const *phrase, char const *version)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_strip_hostport (url_t *url)
SOFIAPUBFUN int http_url_cmp (url_t const *a, url_t const *b)


SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_connect []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_delete []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_get []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_head []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_options []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_post []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_put []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_method_name_trace []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_version_0_9 []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_version_1_0 []
SOFIAPUBVAR char const http_version_1_1 []

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