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SOFIAPUBFUN void su_msg_destroy ( su_msg_r  rmsg  ) 

Destroys an unsent message.

rmsg message handle.

Definition at line 1006 of file su_root.c.

References su_free(), and su_msg_destroy().

Referenced by nua_destroy_event(), su_base_port_send(), su_clone_forget(), su_msg_delivery_report(), su_msg_destroy(), and su_msg_send().


  if (rmsg[0]) {
    SU_TASK_ZAP(rmsg[0]->sum_to, su_msg_destroy);
    SU_TASK_ZAP(rmsg[0]->sum_from, su_msg_destroy);

    su_free(NULL, rmsg[0]);

  rmsg[0] = NULL;

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