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SOFIAPUBFUN nta_leg_t* nta_leg_by_call_id ( nta_agent_t sa,
const char *  call_id 

Get dialog leg by CallID

Get dialog leg by .

Usually there should be only single dialog per on User-Agents. However, proxies may fork requests initiating the dialog and result in multiple calls per .
New in .

Definition at line 4099 of file nta.c.

References sip_call_id_s::i_id, and sip_call_id_init.

  nta_leg_t *leg = NULL;

  if (call_id) {
    sip_call_id_t id[1];

    id->i_hash = msg_hash_string(id->i_id = call_id);

    leg = leg_find_call_id(sa, id);

  return leg;

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