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SOFIAPUBFUN nta_leg_t* nta_leg_by_uri ( nta_agent_t const *  agent,
url_string_t const *  us 

Get leg by destination

Definition at line 4366 of file nta.c.

References su_free(), url_hdup(), and url_string_t::us_url.

  url_t *url;
  nta_leg_t *leg;

  if (!agent)
    return NULL;

  if (!us)
    return agent->sa_default_leg;

  url = url_hdup(NULL, us->us_url);

  agent_aliases(agent, url, NULL);

  leg = url ? dst_find(agent, url, NULL) : NULL;

  su_free(NULL, url);

  return leg;

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