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SOFIAPUBFUN char const* nta_leg_rtag ( nta_leg_t leg,
char const *  tag 

Add remote tag.

Add a remote tag to the leg.

No remote tag is ever generated.
leg leg to be tagged
tag tag to be added (must be non-NULL)
Pointer to tag if successful, NULL otherwise.

Definition at line 3937 of file nta.c.

References sip_from_tag().

  /* Add a tag parameter, unless there already is a tag */
  if (leg && leg->leg_remote && tag) {
    if (sip_from_tag(leg->leg_home, leg->leg_remote, tag) < 0)
      return NULL;

  if (leg && leg->leg_remote)
    return leg->leg_remote->a_tag;
    return NULL;

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