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tport.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Transport interface.

Defined when <sofia-sip/tport.h> has been included.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Jun 29 15:58:06 2000 ppessi

Definition in file tport.h.

#include <sofia-sip/su.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_wait.h>
#include <sofia-sip/msg.h>
#include <sofia-sip/url.h>
#include <sofia-sip/tport_tag.h>

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struct  tp_name_t
struct  tport_stack_class_t


#define TP_AI_ANY   0x80000
#define TP_AI_CLOSE   0x08000
#define TP_AI_COMPRESSED   0x01000
#define TP_AI_MASK   0xff000
#define TP_AI_SECURE   0x02000
#define TP_AI_SHUTDOWN   0x04000
#define TP_CLIENT_T   struct tp_client_s
#define TP_MAGIC_T   struct tp_magic_s
#define TP_STACK_T   struct tp_stack_s
#define TPN_ARGS(n)
#define TPN_FORMAT   "%s/%s:%s%s%s%s%s"
#define TPORT_COMPRESSOR   struct tport_compressor
#define TPORT_T   struct tport_s


typedef TP_CLIENT_T tp_client_t
typedef TP_MAGIC_T tp_magic_t
typedef tport_stack_class_t tp_stack_class_t
typedef TP_STACK_T tp_stack_t
typedef TPORT_COMPRESSOR tport_compressor_t
typedef void tport_pending_error_f (tp_stack_t *, tp_client_t *, tport_t *, msg_t *msg, int error)
typedef TPORT_T tport_t


enum  { TPORT_QUEUESIZE = 64 }


TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_by_name (tport_t const *self, tp_name_t const *)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_by_protocol (tport_t const *self, char const *proto)
TPORT_DLL int tport_can_recv_sigcomp (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_can_send_sigcomp (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_continue (tport_t *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_convert_addr (su_home_t *home, tp_name_t *tpn, char const *protoname, char const *canon, su_sockaddr_t const *su)
TPORT_DLL void tport_decref (tport_t **tp)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_delivered_by (tport_t const *tp, msg_t const *msg)
TPORT_DLL int tport_delivered_from (tport_t *tp, msg_t const *msg, tp_name_t name[1])
TPORT_DLL int tport_delivered_with_comp (tport_t *tp, msg_t const *msg, tport_compressor_t **return_compressor)
TPORT_DLL void tport_destroy (tport_t *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_flush (tport_t *)
TPORT_DLL su_addrinfo_t const * tport_get_address (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_get_params (tport_t const *, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
TPORT_DLL int tport_has_compression (tport_t const *self, char const *comp)
TPORT_DLL int tport_has_ip4 (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_has_ip6 (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_has_sigcomp_assigned (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_has_tls (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL char * tport_hostport (char buf[], isize_t bufsize, su_sockaddr_t const *su, int with_port)
TPORT_DLL char const * tport_ident (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_incref (tport_t *tp)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_clear_to_send (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_closed (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_connected (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_dgram (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_master (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_primary (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_public (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_reliable (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_secondary (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_shutdown (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_stream (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_tcp (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_udp (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_is_updating (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_keepalive (tport_t *tp, su_addrinfo_t const *ai, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
TPORT_DLL tp_magic_ttport_magic (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL tp_name_t const * tport_name (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_name_by_url (su_home_t *, tp_name_t *, url_string_t const *us)
TPORT_DLL int tport_name_dup (su_home_t *, tp_name_t *dst, tp_name_t const *src)
TPORT_DLL int tport_name_is_resolved (tp_name_t const *)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_next (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_parent (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_pend (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, tport_pending_error_f *callback, tp_client_t *client)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_primaries (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_primary_by_name (tport_t const *self, tp_name_t const *tpn)
TPORT_DLL isize_t tport_queuelen (tport_t const *self)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_ref (tport_t *tp)
TPORT_DLL int tport_release (tport_t *self, int pendd, msg_t *msg, msg_t *reply, tp_client_t *client, int still_pending)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_secondary (tport_t const *tport)
TPORT_DLL int tport_set_compression (tport_t *self, char const *comp)
TPORT_DLL void tport_set_magic (tport_t *self, tp_magic_t *magic)
TPORT_DLL int tport_set_params (tport_t *self, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
TPORT_DLL int tport_shutdown (tport_t *tport, int how)
TPORT_DLL int tport_sigcomp_accept (tport_t *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, msg_t *msg)
TPORT_DLL int tport_sigcomp_assign (tport_t *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *)
TPORT_DLL int tport_sigcomp_close (tport_t *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, int how)
TPORT_DLL struct
sigcomp_compartment * 
tport_sigcomp_compartment (tport_t *self, char const *name, isize_t namelen, int create_if_needed)
TPORT_DLL int tport_sigcomp_lifetime (tport_t *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *, unsigned lifetime_in_ms, int only_expand)
TPORT_DLL int tport_sigcomp_option (tport_t const *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, char const *option)
TPORT_DLL int tport_stall (tport_t *self)
TPORT_DLL int tport_tbind (tport_t *self, tp_name_t const *tpn, char const *const transports[], tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_tcreate (tp_stack_t *stack, tport_stack_class_t const *tpac, su_root_t *root, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
TPORT_DLL int tport_tqsend (tport_t *, msg_t *, msg_t *, tag_type_t, tag_value_t,...)
TPORT_DLL int tport_tqueue (tport_t *, msg_t *, tag_type_t, tag_value_t,...)
TPORT_DLL tport_t * tport_tsend (tport_t *, msg_t *, tp_name_t const *, tag_type_t, tag_value_t,...)
TPORT_DLL void tport_unref (tport_t *tp)

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