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int nua_handle_has_call_on_hold ( nua_handle_t const *  nh  ) 

Check if operation handle has a call on hold

Please note that this status is not affected by remote end putting this end on hold. Remote end can put each media separately on hold and status is reflected on SOATAG_ACTIVE_AUDIO(), SOATAG_ACTIVE_VIDEO() and SOATAG_ACTIVE_CHAT() tag values in nua_i_state event.

nh Pointer to operation handle
Return values:
0 if no call on hold in operation or operation handle is invalid
1 if operation has call on hold, for example nua_invite() or nua_update() has been called with SOATAG_HOLD() with non-NULL argument.
Related tags:

Definition at line 522 of file nua.c.

References nua_handle_s::nh_hold_remote.

  return nh ? nh->nh_hold_remote : 0;

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