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nua_handle_t* nua_handle_by_replaces ( nua_t nua,
sip_replaces_t const *  r 

Obtain a new reference to an existing handle based on header.

New in .
You should release the reference with nua_handle_unref() when you are done with the handle.
See also:
nua_handle_make_replaces(), , , nua_refer(), nua_i_refer, , nta_leg_by_replaces()

Definition at line 1034 of file nua.c.

References nua_handle_s::nh_valid, and su_task_execute().

  if (nua) {
    struct nua_stack_handle_by_replaces_args a;
    a.retval = NULL;
    a.nua = nua;
    a.r = r;
    struct nua_stack_handle_by_replaces_args a = { NULL, nua, r };

    if (su_task_execute(nua->nua_server,
                  nua_stack_handle_by_replaces_call, (void *)&a,
                  NULL) == 0) {
      nua_handle_t *nh = a.retval;

      if (nh && !NH_IS_DEFAULT(nh) && nh->nh_valid)
      return nua_handle_ref(nh);
  return NULL;

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