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void nua_get_hparams ( nua_handle_t nh,
tag_type_t  tag,
tag_value_t  value,

Get values of handle-specific parameters in nua_r_get_params event.

Application will specify either expilicit list of tags it is interested in, or a filter (at the moment, TAG_ANY()). The values are returned as a list of tags in the nua_r_get_params event.

nh Pointer to operation handle
tag,value,... List of tagged parameters
The handle-specific parameters will contain only the parameters actually modified by application, either by nua_set_hparams() or some other handle-specific call. Currently, no NTA parameters are returned. They are returned only when application asks for user-agent-level parameters using either nua_get_params() or using default handle, eg.

Related tags:
othervise same tags as nua_set_hparams()

Definition at line 614 of file nua.c.

References nua_r_get_params.

  NUA_SIGNAL(nh, nua_r_get_params, tag, value);

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