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void nua_publish ( nua_handle_t nh,
tag_type_t  tag,
tag_value_t  value,

Send PUBLISH request to publication server.

Request status will be delivered to the application using nua_r_publish event. When successful the publication will be updated periodically until nua_unpublish() is called or handle is destroyed. Note that the periodic updates and unpublish do not include the original message body nor the Content-Type header. Instead, the periodic update will include the header, which was generated from the latest header received in response to PUBLISH request.

The handle used for publication cannot be used for any other purposes.

nh Pointer to operation handle
tag,value,... List of tagged parameters
Related Tags:
Tags of nua_set_hparams()
Header tags defined in <sofia-sip/sip_tag.h>
See also:
nua_r_publish, , , nua_unpublish(), nua_r_unpublish, nua_i_publish

Definition at line 784 of file nua.c.

References nua_r_publish.

  NUA_SIGNAL(nh, nua_r_publish, tag, value);

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